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Our Celebrity Chef

Una giornata di cucina Italiana 

Chef Cristian Broglia

Experience forms knowledge and with my formative path in enogastronomy I can consider now myself a Professional.

I started my journey in renowned restaurants in the Food Valley of Parma (Italy), my city of origin and cradle of many well known Italian culinary products. That´s where I learned first to handle the fruits of our mother earth and to listen to farmers and producers to snatch the centuries old secrets of their ancestors.

From working in Italy to move abroad the step is small and I travel and gained experience jumping from Ireland to Spain with a touch of the Caribbean culture baring in mind my Italian roots but opening my mind to new creativity and innovations. After this wonderful journey I came back to Parma where I joined ALMA the Internation Cuisine School based in the Mansion of Colorno and captained by Master Chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

An experience of 12 years can not be explained in few words, I have seen growing the school and I am grown with it. From small classes of the first years to the world established name of istitution of Italian cuisine with yearly more than 300 students coming from all over the world. I started as teacher to share all my love, experience and emotions for the Italian cuisine to make others aware of how intriguing and exciting this passion is. After this teaching period I became Event  Chef for ALMA and I brought the filosophy and name of ALMA around the world traveling, cooking and teaching in Finland, Hungary, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Brasil, Bosnia Erzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey, Montenegro, Bulgary and Japan.

This mix of international cultures with my Italian spirit and experience has forged the professional Chef I am now. A mix of innovation and history, creativity and strictness, respect for rules and revolution.

Cristian Broglia