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Una giornata di cucina Italiana 

Chef Luigi Pomata

The Pomata family, who are native of Sardegna connected in catering from the last three generations that is since the Grandfather Louis, a simple Sardinian farmer but with a strong passion for cooking decided to take over the restaurant of 'Hotel Riviera.

Recently one of their flagships, il Ristorante Da Nicolo, which is managed by papa Luigi Pomata, celebrated to be among the top regional restaurants. 

Chef Luigi Pomata inspired by family & food curiosity travelled widely to gain extensive experience with top Chefs in abroad and this culinary experience has allowed so to induce in his recipes that touch of "exotic" with new tastes without abandoning the traditional flavors of Sardegna.

Luigi Pomata was rewarded first prize in the Art of Menu and second in the overall standings at the Gualtiero Marchesi Award.